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Musco Engineering Associates maintains a database of relevant downloads for your convenience Please be advised that these documents are for your convenience and that all 'code' documents should be checked against the official documents, especially when used for mission critical applications.

Musco EngineeringMusco Engineering Tri-fold BrochureDouble sided, tri-fold brochure detailing all of Musco Engineering Associate's services, experience, licenses and more...Download
Musco EngineerningMusco Engineering & Gooch Engineering PamphletSingle sided pamphlet that details Musco's collaboration with Gooch Engineering to provide an integrated package of engineering and security management solutions.Download
Musco Engineering Musco Engineering & The ProfessionalsDouble sided, tri-fold brochure outlining the partnership between Musco Engineering Associates and The Professionals, LLC. Download
UtilityConversion TableConvenient conversion table for thermometer scale, weights and measures, and general conversionsDownload
CodesCT State Building Code AmendmentSec. 29-252-1d. State Building Code – 2009 Amendment to the 2005 Connecticut SupplementDownload
CodesCT State Building Code Amendment CorrectionsCorrections to 2009 Amendment to the State Building Code –
Connecticut Supplement
CodesCT State Building CodeSec. 29-252-1d. State Building Code - 2005 Connecticut SupplementDownload
CodesCT State Fire Safety CodeCT State Fire Safety Code
Effective December 31, 2005
CodesCT State Fire Safety Code Amendment2009 amendment to the 2005 CT State Fire Safety Code
Musco EngineeringDriving DirectionsDirections to Musco Engineering AssociatesDownload
Tech InfoTech Info HazardousTech Info For Hazardous Electrical Equipment 2009Download
Tech InfoTech Info OrdinaryTech Info For Ordinary Electric Equipment 2009Download
Guides2008 Guidebook of Requirements For Electrical Service08 Electrical Service GuidebookDownload
Guides08 Info & Requirements For Electric Supply08 Info & Requirements For Electric Supply Below 600 voltsDownload
GuidesFEMA 413Installing seismic restraints for electrical equipmentIDownload
GuidesFEMA 414Installing seismic restraints for duct and pipeDownload
CodesCode UpdatesUpdate Bulletin For CT Buil;ding and Fire Safety CodesDownload
UtilityDistribution System ManualNortheast Utilities (CL&P) Fault Current ChartsDownload
Musco EngineeringTable 300.5Minimum cover requirements, 0 to 600 volts, nominal, burial in millimeters (inches)Download
Musco EngineeringElectrical FormulasElectrical formulas (includes conversions, amperes and voltage drops).Download
Musco EngineeringHistory of State Building CodesHistory of State Building Codes in CT as downloads December 2013Download
Musco EngineeringElectrical Charts, Tables and FormulasEasy to read Charts, Tables and Formulas regarding various electrical applicationsDownload
CodesState Public Health CodeCT General Statutes - Title 19 - Public Health and SafetyDownload
CodesCode UpdatesUpdate Bulletin for Connecticut Building and Fire Safety Codes dated June 28, 2013Download
CodesPublic Health CodeConnecticut Department of Health Compliance GuideDownload
CodesState Fire Safety CodeConnecticut Public Act 11-248 Carbon Monoxide Detectors in SchoolsDownload
CodesCT State Building CodeSection 20-300-10, State of CT Regulation of the Department of Consumer Protection Concerning the Use of Electronic Signatures by Engineers and Land Surveyors has been amended to allow electronic sealsDownload
CodesCT State Building Code2013 Amendment to the 2005 CT State Building CodeDownload
CodesCT State Fire Safety Code2012 Amendment to the 2005 CT State Fire CodeDownload
CodesCT State Fire Safety Code2015 CT State Fire Code ErrataDownload
CodesCT State Fire Safety CodeRegulation of the Dept. of Administrative Services Concerning Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code (Secretary of State File Number 6184)Download
CodesCT State Fire Safety CodeNFPA 1 & The New Connecticut SupplementDownload
CodesCT State Fire Safety CodeNFPA 1 & The New Connecticut Supplement Slides (PART II)Download
CodesCT State Building Code2016 CT State Building CodeDownload
CodesCT State Fire Code2016 CT State Fire CodeDownload
Guide InformationThe UL White BookGuide Information for Electrical Equipment
The UL White Book 2015-16
PDI StandardsTesting and Rating Procedure for Hydro Mechanical Grease InterceptorsStandard from the Plumbing and Drainage InstituteDownload
CodesSignificant Code Changes
IFC & IBC Chapters 2-10
CT DAS Office of Education and Data Management Fall 2016 Career Development SeriesDownload
Standards2010 ADA Standards for Accessible DesignFrom the Department of Justice
September 15, 2010
Codes2016 State Fire Safety Code Updates: Administration and Part IVCT DAS Office of Education and Data Management Fall 2016 Career Development SeriesDownload
Codes2016 State Building Code Administrative Review and UpdatesCT DAS Office of Education and Data Management Fall 2016 Career Development SeriesDownload